Int’l Seminar on Multidisciplinary Collab. towards Sustainable Use of the Arctic

Global Station for Arctic Research (GSA) at Global Institution for Collaborative Research and Education (GI-CoRE) will hold an international seminar on the Multidisciplinary Collaboration of Industry-Academia-Government toward Sustainable Use of the Arctic, on Thursday 22 February 2018, in cooperation with Hokkaido University’s Arctic Research Centre, Nord University Centre for High North Logistics, and Hokkaido Government Bureau of Transportation Policy (Office of Logistics and Posts).

Advance registration by e-mail is highly appreciated.




Conference Hall

Hokkaido University, N8 W5, Kita-ku, Sapporo




13.00-             Opening Address (by Prof Sei-Ichi SAITOH, Arctic Research Centre at Hokkaido University / GSA Dir.)

13.10-13.50    Keynote #1: International Circumstances around the Arctic and Expectation to the People in Hokkaido (by Mr Keiji IDE, Ambassador in Charge of Arctic Affairs, MOFA)

13.50-14.30    Keynote #2: Perspective of Future Arctic Shipping (by Dr Bjorn GUNNARSSON, Nord Univ. Centre for High North Logistics, Norway)

14.30-14.45    Intermission

14.45-15.10    Keynote #3: IDEMITSU – Japanese Oil and Gas Explorer in Norway and its Arctic Region (by Mr Teruyuki TAKAHASHI, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.)

15.10-15.35    Keynote #4: Relations between Arctic Indigenous Communities and Industrial Companies: Rules and Compensation Practices (by Prof Tuyara Gavrilyeva, North-Eastern Federal University / Rep. of Sakha, Russia)

15.35-15.50    Intermission

15.50-16.10    Highlight #1: Latest Activities of the Northern Sea Route (TBD, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

16.10-16.25    Highlight #2: Report of the Arctic Frontiers 2018 in Tromso (by Ms Tomomi KAKIZAKI, Tomakomai Port Authority)

16.25-16.45    Highlight #3: Perspective of the Feasibility of Arctic Shipping (by Prof Motohisa ABE, Arctic Research Centre at Hokkaido University)

16.45-17.05    Highlight #4: Study toward Sustainable Arctic Shipping (by Prof Natsuhiko OTSUKA, Arctic Research Centre at Hokkaido University)

17.05-17.20    Wrap-up Discussion Chaired by Prof Natsuhiko OTSUKA

17.20-             Closing Address (TBD, Hokkaido Government)