Publication 2016

Marine Environment Unit

  1. Jones, J., H. Eicken, Andrew Mahoney, R. MV, C. Kambhamettu, Y. Fukamachi, K. I. Ohshima, and J. C. George (2016): Landfast sea ice breakouts: Stabilizing ice features, oceanic and atmospheric forcing at Barrow, Alaska, Continental Shelf Research, 126, 50-63.
  2. Williams, G. D., L. Herraiz-Borreguero, F. Roquet, T. Tamura, K. I. Ohshima, Y. Fukamachi, A. D. Fraser, L. Gao, H. Chen, C. R. McMahon, R. Harcourt, and M. Hindell (2016): Suppression of Antarctic Bottom Water production by melting ice shelves in Prydz Bay, East Antarctica, Nature Communications, 7 : 12577, doi:10.1038/ncomms12577.
  3. Smith, I. J., H. Eicken, A. R. Mahoney, R. Van Hale, A. J. Gough, Y. Fukamachi, and J. Jones (2016): Surface water mass composition changes captured by cores of Arctic land-fast sea ice, Continental Shelf Research, 118, 154-164.
  4. Zhang, W., N. Ebuchi, Y. Fukamachi, and Y. Yoshikawa (2016): Estimation of wind drift current in the Soya Strait, Journal of Oceanography, 72, 299-311,  doi:10.1007/s10872-015-0333-1.

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