New Courses Offered for Students Enrolled in 2019

We are pleased to announce that the following courses are offered for students enrolled in 2019.


Wireless Sensor Networks and IoT(ワイヤレスセンサーネットワークとIoT基礎)
Schedule: 29/Jan/2020 – 07/Feb/2020

Credit: 1

Language: English

HU students Course Code: 215603 (Master‘s Course) 216603 (Doctoral Course)

Class location: L200 Lecture room, Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University

For students enrolled in 2019, above courses are offered as Common Subjects(国際連携情報学科目).

Students enrolled before April 2019 are not eligible for taking these courses.

For any further inquiries on the registration for the above courses, please contact with Kyomu (教務)of Information Science and Technology (IST), HU.