Open access to GI-CoRE-related publications on HUSCAP website

Information about GI-CoRE members’ publications (e.g. journal papers, conference papers and specialist articles) is available on the GI-CoRE community home page of HUSCAP website.

In the HUSCAP system, registered items are classified into multiple categories based on the author’s affiliations, and listed on the community home pages of those categories. The publications of GI-CoRE members registered to HUSCAP are classified into the GI-CoRE category as well as the categories of their home faculties. Thus, the publications of GI-CoRE members are listed on the GI-CoRE community home page as well.

The GI-CoRE category covers those items of the members of each Global Station that has been published after its establishment. Accordingly, it covers: 1) the items of GSQ/GSZ members published after April 2014; 2) the items of GSF members published after April 2015; and 3) the items of GSS/GSB/GSA members published after April 2016.