September 05,2019

【Report】The 6th GI-CoRE Summer School for Medical Physics and the 2nd Hokkaido Summer Institute-Medical Physics School- enjoyed great success.

The 6th GI-CoRE Summer School for Medical Physics  was jointly conducted with Medical Physics which is one of the courses offered by Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) between 19th-23rd August 2019.

The Summer School and HSI welcomed 18 participants from different countries: USA, Canada, Italy, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Ghana, Brazil, Turkey and Japan. While HSI-Medical Physics School- was open for graduate students, the GI-CoRE summer school was open for early career researchers such as Medical Physicist, Assistant Professor, Research Associate, Instructor, etc.

This year, some of the chapters were jointly conducted with Radiation Biology course and were lectured by renowned professors and doctors. During the course, we provided lecture style class, practical training such as QA and treatment planning, research presentation, also visited The Proton Beam Therapy Center of Hokkaido University Hospital. The participants have successfully completed the course and were awarded a certificate of completion on the last day of the course.

Click here to see the survey results concerning the GI-CoRE Summer School and H S I 2019

We would like to thank all the participants and the lecturers for taking part in the summer school and HSI -Medical Physics School-.








The 3rd HSI  -Medical Physics School- will be organized again next year. The details will be announced on the following websites in April 2020. However, it may be delayed due to the current concern of COVID-19.