September 08,2016

【Report】 The 3rd GI-CoRE Summer School for Medical Physics Successfully Finished

GI-CoRE Summer School for Medical Physics 2016 was once again a fantastic success. This year, the Global Station for Quantum Medical Science and Engineering (GSQ) accepted 19 participants in this annual event. In comparison to the participants in the past years, more diverse range of international students gathered from across the world for this year: Bangladesh, South Korea, China, Nepal, Ghana, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, Nigeria, Pakistan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Latvia, Syria and Japan. We would like to thank all the participans and the lectureres who made the Summer School such a success. Click here to see the survey results concerning the GI-CoRE Summer School 2016

To read more about this year’s summer school, please visit the official website of Hokkaido University.