New member joined GSS on October 18, 2017

GSS is pleased to announce that we have welcomed Dr. Tsutomu Indei to the U.S. Unit as a Postdoctoral Fellow. We look forward to collaborative work in the near future.

GSS and AMLS Seminar : November 8, 2017

GSS and Frontier Research Center for Advanced Material and Life Science (AMLS) will be hosting seminars on Wednesday November 8, 2017 at the Community Hall (1st floor), Shionogi Innovation Center for Drug Discovery, Hokkaido University. 

GSS Seminar by Dr. Tsutomu Indei : October 20, 2017

Dr. Tsutomu Indei will be delivering the seminar “Rheological Studies of Associating Polymer Gels” Time:    Friday, October 20, 2:00p.m. – 3:00p.m. Place:   Community Hall, Shionogi Innovation Center for Drug Discovery, Hokkaido University

【Report】Hokkaido University-ImPACT Joint Symposium on Advanced Soft Matter

Hokkaido University-ImPACT Joint Symposium “International Symposium on Advanced Soft Matter: From Single Molecule to Tough Polymers” was held on August 7th and 8th, 2017 at Hokkaido University. This symposium was jointly organized by GSS and ImPACT’s Ito Program, a research and development program by JST and the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. The Joint Symposium read more

The 5th International Life-Science Symposium” : October 28, 2017

“The 5th International Life-Science Symposium (5th ILSS)” will be held on October 28, 2017 organized by doctoral course students from the International Graduate Program (IGP), part of Graduate School of Life Science and Global Station for Soft Matter, GI-CoRE.  The deadline for oral/poster presentation is September 25, 2017. For details, click here.