new第2回GSQ, GSB & IGM合同シンポジウム / GI-CoRE GSQ, GSB, & IGM Joint Symposium #2



タイトル: 第2回国際連携研究教育局(GI-CoRE)GSQ, GSB & IGM合同シンポジウム-量子,情報科学,生物学と医学

日  時: 2018年8月7日(火)8:40-16:30

8月8日(水)8:45-14:30(GSQ & IGM合同シンポジウム)/ TBD(GSB分科会)

会  場: 北海道大学鈴木章ホール 他

言  語: 英語

入  場: 無料,事前申込不要

プログラム: Programme

ポスター: Poster

お問合せ: 国際連携研究教育局(GI-CoRE)量子医理工学グローバルステーション(GSQ)

Tel: 011-706-8511 / Email: gsq□


As 2017, Global Stations for Quantum Medical Science and Engineering (GSQ) and Big Data and Cybersecurity (GSB) at Global Institution for Collaborative Research and Education (GI-CoRE) will hold a joint symposium together with the Institute for Genetic Medicine (IGM), Hokkaido University.
This second symposium will again focus on a wide-rage of topic as ‘quantum, informatics, biology and medicine’. It will welcome Professor Hiroshi Ishii from the MIT Media Laboratory as a prominent guest speaker.
This symposium will be arranged as lectures of the Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering and also the Hokkaido Summer Institute 2018.


TITLE:    The 2nd GI-CoRE GSQ, GSB, & IGM JOINT SYMPOSIUM: Quantum, Informatics, Biology & Medicine

DATE & TIME:    Tuesday 7, 8:40-16:30

Wednesday 8 August 2018, 8:45-14:30 (for GSQ & IGM Joint Symp.) / TBD (for GSB Session)

VENUE:    Akira Suzuki Hall, Hokkaido University, etc.

LANGUAGE:    English

ADMISSION:    Free, No pre-registration required

PROGRAMME:   Programme

POSTER:    Poster

FOR ENQUIRIES:    Global Station for Quantum Medical Science and Engineering (GSQ) Office, GI-CoRE

Tel: 011-706-8511 / Email: gsq*

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