Online Lecture Series by GSI members

2023.06.21 (Wed) 16:00-17:30JST

 “世界先住民族権利活動の中のアイヌ民族とその現状” (in Japanese)

Dr. 鵜澤 加那子, オスロ大学歴史博物館客員研究員
GSI Overseas Unit member


2022.07.26 (Tue) 15:00-15:45JST

 “Integrating Indigenous knowledges in to museum exhibitions and national narratives”

De. Jilda Andrews, Australian National University
GSI Overseas Unit member


2022.05.17 (Tue) 15:00-15:45JST

“The spread of Seijma-Turbino axes in the large coniferous forest”

Professor Mika Lavento, University of Helsinki
GSI Overseas Unit member


2022.04.12 (Tue) 09:00-09:30JST

“A chronological and geographical overview of the Archaeology of the United States”

Professor Joe Watkins, University of Arizona
GSI Overseas Unit member