Global Station for Indigenous Studies and Cultural Diversity (GSI) condemns the military action by Russia and strongly calls for an immediate end to Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine and a peaceful resolution of the conflict.
We identify with brave Russian academics and students who oppose President Putin’s unprovoked aggression.

Guidelines on collaboration with Russian universities and institutions.

  • GSI will suspend the development of all new collaborations with Russia for time being.
  • GSI suspends all institutional collaboration with Russian universities and other institutions.
  • GSI will stand with Russian academics who condemned Russian military action in Ukraine and support their research.
  • GSI maintains personal links with individual scholars who express an anti-war position.


About GSI

Global Station for Indigenous Studies and Cultural Diversity (GSI) was launched as an international research hub facilitating innovative collaborative research. The overseas institutions which are prospective to collaborate are as follows: University of Oxford, Uppsala University, Lund University, University of Helsinki, Simon Fraser University, University of Oregon, National Taiwan University, Peking University, The Australian National University. GSI will focus on solving the global and regional issues of Indigenous peoples and elucidating the nature of cultural diversity with Indigenous communities.

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Last updated 2023.08.16