Publication 2021


Professor JORDAN Peter

  • Xénia Keighley, Morten Olsen, Peter Jordan, Sean Desjardins (2021) The Atlantic Walrus 1st Edition Multidisciplinary Insights into Human-Animal Interactions, Academic Press, eBook ISBN: 9780128174319, Paperback ISBN: 9780128174302

Professor JORDAN Peter and Professor KATO Hirofumi

Professor EDELHEIM Johan

  • Zhou Jianhong and Edelheim Johan (2021) A Critical Literature Review on the Interrelatedness Between the Frameworks of Cultural Sustainability and Indigenous Identities, Journal on Tourism & Sustainability 4(2), 64-74, 2021-06-14 Go to the article.

Professor NICHOLAS George

  • Nicholas George (2021) Protecting Indigenous heritage objects, places, and values: challenges, responses, and responsibilities, International Journal of Heritage Studies