GSI Kick-Off Symposium held in January 2022

Opening Remarks by Professor Kiyohiro Houkin, Director of GI-CoRE/President of Hokkaido University, and Commemorative Lectures are now available for those who joined or missed the event.

Opening Remarks
Professor Kiyohiro HOUKIN,
Director of GI-CoRE / President, Hokkaido University


Commemorative Lectures

I. Towards a Global History of the Commons
Professor Chris GOSDEN
Director of the Institute of Archeology, University of Oxford
GSI Overseas Unit member


II. Reflecting on i(I)ndigeneity in the Age of the Anthropocene:
A European Perspective

Professor Peter JORDAN
Department of Archeology, Lund University
GSI Overseas Unit member


III. Indigenous Studies and Anthropology: Future Pathways and Partnerships
Professor Joe WATKINS
University of Arizona
GSI Overseas Unit member